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Tall Tree Concussion Program is Victoria’s most dedicated program for concussion recovery. Since 2016 we have helped over 400 people get better after injury. We provide the very best, most up to date rehabilitation and connect you with all of the services that you need from a single hub.  No wait-lists, no travelling all around town for well trained and experienced clinicians.  

We're here to help at any time after injury and we specialize in helping people with persisting symptoms feel better and get back to life.  Please call us anytime, we're happy to speak with you.


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Tall Tree Concussion Program is a comprehensive program which provides assessment, treatment and education for people who have sustained a concussion injury.   

We take a rehabilitative approach to concussion and our team includes Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology and Clinical Counselling.  We also draw on our community partners in Medicine and Neuropsychology when more help is needed.

Our mission is to make the process of recovery simple, clear, and timely so that people dealing with concussion related issues can focus on getting better in the fastest, safest, and most complete way possible.



Comprehensive review of all domains commonly affected by concussion including: physiological, cognitive, vestibular, visual and psycho-emotional. 


Treatment is tailored specifically for each patient to address all necessary areas so that you can get back to sports, work, school and life.  The core treatment team includes an OT, PT, kinesiologist and clinical counselor.


We also provide high-quality education to patients, families, coaches, teachers and other community members so that we can all best support people in need of help after concussion.


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