It takes a team

Like many health issues, concussion is a multifaceted injury that affects many brain and body systems.  While there are different individual experts who work in concussion, no single person or discipline has all of the tools, experience and scope of practice to address all concussion-related issues.  

Though not every person will experience all possible symptoms, comprehensive concussion care takes a team approach to ensure that all aspects are covered.

Who can assess and treat what?

Every healthcare practitioner is bound to a scope of practice that defines what they can and can't assess and treat.  Some professions have a wide scope (like General Practitioners) while others have a more narrow scope (Optometrist).  Many professions have overlap too (like OT and PT).  

Patients should be aware what each discipline can do for them, and practitioners should know who they can refer to for particular issues.

To help clarify, we've put together a reference table below that outlines generally what each discipline can handle in concussion.  The information is related to practice here in BC and specifics will vary between countries and regions.

Major Symptoms GP Neuro PT AT OT Psych RCC Chiro
Headache X X X X X X X
General Fatigue X X X X X
Sensitivity X X X
Exercise Intolerance X X X X X
Attention X X X X
Memory X X X X
Slowed Processing X X X X
Mental fatigue X X X X X
Sleep X X X X X
School X X X X X
Work X X X X X X X
Vision X X X
Balance X X X X X
Vestibular X X
Neck issues X X X X
Neurological X X X
Irritability X X X
Depression X X X X X
Anxiety X X X X X
Emotions X X X