What you can expect


Concussion affects every person differently and each recovery is unique. In almost every case where proper principles are followed, people recover completely from a concussion without any lingering symptoms.  In many cases, symptoms will resolve within a few weeks or months.  Even if symptoms last longer than a few months, recovery is still possible.

There is no single treatment that will fix all issues, and no single professional that can fix everything alone.  When you come to Tall Tree, we will discuss treatment options with you and help you pick the best course of treatment for your unique needs.  Our team will do everything in their power to support you in your journey back to full health. You should expect to work hard in your recovery, and that we’ll work hard too.

Sessions with our team are generally 30-60 minutes each.  We can schedule you to see people back to back, or on different days – it’s up to you.  We will take the time to set goals with you and check in on goals regularly every few weeks.  We will change our treatment strategies if things aren’t working, we won’t waste your time.



What is expected of you

We are sorry you’ve been injured, and we care deeply about you and getting you back to 100%.  To show how much we really care, we have a tough love approach. Recovering from concussion is an active process, which means you’ll need to put in the effort to get better.  Concussion is not generally the type of injury you can sit back and have other people fix for you.  It takes a mindful, cooperative effort which requires  your full involvement along with your team.


“You will get out of the program what you put in”


When you start with our program, we expect that you will be actively involved, make all of your scheduled appointments and follow through with agreed on exercises and goals.  We don’t request these things to be hard on you.  We expect these things so that you get full value out of the program.