Fatigue is a common complaint after concussion. In most cases energy levels will improve over time. If you’re struggling to deal with fatigue try the suggestions below:


Maximize sleep

  • Set a consistent sleep routine
  • practice good sleep hygiene
  • limit daytime naps to 45 minutes
  • don’t oversleep


Reduce Stress

  • Practice a stress reduction technique like meditation or deep breathing
  • Reduce work or school demands
  • Ask for help


Exercise Regularly

  • Get regular physical activity each day (at least 20 minutes)
  • Schedule quick exercise breaks through the day
  • Focus on increasing your heart rate


Pace Yourself

  • Take regular, frequent breaks
  • Don’t overdo it / Don’t underdo it
  • Alternate hard and easy activities
  • Gradually increase over time
  • Recognize your limits



  • First things first
  • Get most important things done
  • Schedule or delegate non-urgent things
  • Be realistic with your energy


Plan Ahead

  • Have a daily schedule & routine
  • Plan rest breaks ahead of time
  • Create a pacing plan
  • Do hard activities during peak energy times


Consider your Diet

  • Eat balanced, consistent meals
  • Consider your blood sugar
  • Consider your caffeine intake
  • Reduce alcohol consumption


Change your Environment

  • Work in quiet places
  • Reduce distractions
  • Adjust sensory input (more or less)


Try Recharging Activities

  • Decide what activities give you energy (exercise, social, leisure)
  • Schedule these activities daily


Modify your Activities

Consider the following:

  • How long something takes
  • How intense/difficult it is
  • How much energy it will take