Information for ICBC clients:

Regardless of fault in a car accident, ICBC provides rehabilitation benefits that cover rehabilitation services.

As of April 1st 2019, ICBC has made some exciting changes to accident benefits. Most services for accidents happening after April 1st 2019 are now pre-approved - meaning you can access them without a referral and the full cost is covered for up to 12 weeks.

  • Physiotherapy: ICBC will pre-approve (no doctor referral needed) up to 25 PT visits within 12 weeks of your accident before you need a doctors note to continue.

  • Kinesiology, Massage & Acupuncture are also pre-approved for 12 visits and Chiropractic for 25 visits if done within 12 weeks of your accident and can be accessed without a doctor note initially.

  • Occupational Therapy: A doctors note is still required to get OT services paid for by ICBC. Once approved, OT services are covered in full by ICBC.

    • We suggest getting your doctor to write a note or complete a referral form before seeing us for assessment. Otherwise, we ask that you pay for the assessment and seek reimbursement from ICBC at a later date if possible.

We suggest getting a doctor to complete a referral form before coming in for assessment, to make sure services are covered by ICBC.

On your first visit we need:

  1. Your ICBC Claim number

  2. Personal health number (care card number) & Doctor information

  3. Date of injury

  4. The name and contact information of the claim adjuster or ICBC Team that is overseeing your claim.