Tall Tree integrated health centre

The Tall Tree Concussion Program is nestled in the Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre whose three pillars are:  clinical excellence, caring and fun. Tall Tree is a locally owned and operated clinic which means we can respond quickly to individual and community needs.  We have a dedicated concussion team which allows us to keep on top of current evidence and best practices, spend lots of time with clients and operate without a waitlist.

Program Philosophy

Concussion is a common and complex injury that affects hundreds of people in our city and thousands in our province each year.  In our experience, many people with concussion don’t receive adequate care or support and are left struggling after injury.  

We want to make the process of recovery simple, clear, and timely so that clients can focus on getting better in the fastest, safest, and most complete way possible.



Our concussion program is tailored specifically for each patient and their goals.  We take the time to listen to your unique challenges and design a program to meet your individual needs.  Our program is designed to help you to take control of your recovery and not become dependent on any type of treatment. 


Concussion treatments at Tall Tree are developed to support you to return to all of your life activities.  We take a mindful function-first approach to injury rather than simply focusing on quick fixes for symptoms.


We're committed to Best Practices and go to every length to follow through with an evidence based approach. A constant eye on the research, ongoing education, and a rich network of expert colleagues all help us to actualize Concussion Best Practices.


We strive to provide a warm, welcoming and fun environment at Tall Tree so you can just focus on getting better - and maybe have a laugh while you're doing it.