If you’ve had a concussion you will be told to avoid any risky activities and immediately rest for a few days. There are two main types of rest to consider:

  1. Cognitive – resting your brain by reducing thinking, stress, stimulation and other mental activities.
  2. Physical – reducing physical activity, taking time off sport and training, and limiting risk of reinjury.
You should focus on rest for first 2-3 days, then increase your activity slowly and gradually from there. Gentle activity during this time good. Keep moving and walking. Absolute rest (doing nothing and laying in the dark) is not normally necessary. If you are unable to do any activity due to symptoms., consult your medical and rehabilitation team

Ideas for rest for the first few days:

After the first few days:

  • Continue to avoid risky activities for at least 2 weeks and until cleared by your healthcare team (even if you are symptom free)
  • Continue to engage in cognitive and physical activity
  • Increase your activity gradually back to normal
  • Continued rest without increasing activity is not advised.